Max George
The Wanted singer has defended the 'Liz & Dick' actress - who was arrested last week (22.11.12) after allegedly starting a violent nightclub brawl over him - and isn't worried about the potential legal implications of her actions.

Max was asked by a TMZ cameraman: "Are you praying for Lindsay to get out of trouble?"

He laughed: "She's fine. She's out of trouble", before adding as he made his way into LAX airport in Los Angeles: "She's a good girl."

The British boy band were heading home after performing at KIIS FM's 2012 Jingle Ball on Monday evening and Max appeared unconcerned about the plight of his party-loving friend, who was booked for misdemeanour assault and has faced jail time in the past.

Lindsay, 26, reportedly punched psychic palm reader Tiffany Mitchell at New York's Avenue club last week before hurling racist insults at her because she was jealous when the handsome 24-year-old singer started talking to her.

Max previously insisted he wasn't the root of the altercation, saying: "It wasn't me. I didn't instigate anything. It was nothing to do with me."

The flame-haired star - whose bank accounts have been seized - is allegedly relieving her stress about her worrying financial situation and her impending probation violation with daily vodka binges to numb the pain.
She could face up to 250 days in jail and is due to be formally charged on December 15 for lying to police about being behind the wheel of a car during a crash in June, which is a direct violation of her 2011 probation.