Whoopi Goldberg

Comic and doyenne of ABC’s gabfest The View, Whoopi Goldberg, told the Sunday World that she’s a big fan of Irish music icon Christy Moore.

Goldberg spoke to the Dublin weekly on the eve of her play, Sister Act, opening in the Irish capital.
They’ve known each other for some 30 years – who knew! – and worked together in the early eighties. 

“Christy Moore is a legend to me. He’s an amazing artist,” she said.

Moore was delighted when the World told him that Whoopi had such fond memories.

“That’s gas to hear from Whoopi,” he said.  "I did a gig with her at a place called the Third Eye in Glasgow in 1982 before she became a film star. She was a stand up comedian and one of the funniest acts I ever saw. She was brilliant and I had a right bit of craic with her."

Moore has certainly had quite a year with celebrity admirers. In the summer he appeared live at the Oxegen music festival in Co. Kildare with Brit darlings Coldplay, who specifically requested his presence for the big gig.