Tara Reid

The 'American Pie' actress was celebrating her birthday on November 8 last year when Maryam Hassan attacked the blond bombshell with a smashed wine glass at nightspot Beat in London's West End, a court has heard.

Tara - who was taken to hospital with a scratched eyeball and cuts - claims the incident was unprovoked and Maryam was previously unknown to her, but in her opinion appeared to be motivated by jealousy.

According to The Sun newspaper, Tara told London's Southwark Crown Court: "I guess she was not getting any attention. She threw her drink over my chest."

Tara then explained she retaliated by chucking her own drink back at her, shouting, "you whore, you slut."

However, the former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star was stunned by Maryam's erratic reaction, and recalled: "She went crazy, she went psycho like Naomi Campbell."

Maryam - who comes from Jarrow in the northeast of England and works at the Carlton Cole Foundation - has also been accused of launching "a torrent of racial abuse" at doorman Zimzan Lelo as he evicted her from the club.

Maryam, 27, denies the charges. The trial continues.