Tara Reid partied in Ireland this month with Irish due Jedward
The 36-year-old 'America Reunion' star used to be a regular in the gossip columns thanks to her love of a good night out, but resents the fact so much attention was paid to her.

Talking about the reports, she said: "Of course I give a s**t, because I think it affects you getting other jobs, but I am not going to not go out because people care ... You are human, you have to go out and eat."

Tara - who last August announced she had married Bulgarian financier Zack Kehayo in Greece, but later admitted the union was not legal - likens the interest in her private life to a media "circus".

She told HDNet talk show, 'Naughty But Nice': "When you are making the film, it's easier because you are playing the character. But when you are promoting a show, you are going somewhere else. But then boom, the movie comes out and then you are promoting it and it's like a circus."

However, she believes anti-bullying campaigns have improved the treatment people like herself, although she believes people should be more careful about what they say on social media.

She added: "I think people are more aware and it's not as bad as it used to be."