Funnyman Adam Sandler has some new Irish BFFs 

Adam Sandler has a bunch of new BFFs in Co. Kildare thanks to his embrace of some schoolchildren who wrote him a fan letter that he personally took the time to respond to.

It’s not easy getting a mega-star like Sandler to read fan mail, but kids from the Shanganamore national school in Athy, Co. Kildare had a magic connection – their teacher’s aunt is a friend of Sandler’s mother.

According to a story in the Kildare Nationalist, the kids and their teacher, Eilis Candy, wrote to Sandler last summer as part of a writing project, and they told the funnyman that his movie Bedtime Stories was their top choice for best movie ever.  (We’re sure the tastes of these kindergarteners and first graders will evolve as they get older!)

Candy sent the letter onto her aunt, and then it made its way to the star himself, she reports.
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“My aunt and her friend presented the letters to Adam Sandler and reported back to the children that he read them immediately to his daughters Sunny and Sadie,” said Candy.

“He asked my Aunt Betty to phone immediately to thank the children for their work and to tell them how moved he was that all these children in Ireland would take the time to write to him.”

And Sandler didn’t leave it there.  Before the holidays he reached out to Candy’s aunt to find out if the kids celebrated Christmas as he wanted to send a gift.

Not long after a big package arrived from his Happy Madison production company filled with DVDs, stickers and pictures.  He also penned a personal note telling the children that they were his “best friends in Ireland.”

The kids were awed by the gifts and his handwritten letter.

“The children all took home with them a photocopy of the letter to keep. The original will be framed and displayed in the school. One child remarked to me as they left with their presents, ‘Imagine he remembered us after all this time,’” Candy said.

Sweet. Sandler’s likable screen persona seems to carry over into his personal life too.