Susan Boyle will receive the best birthday present ever when she wakes up on April 1 and finds $7 million dollars in her bank account.

She has been told that her first payday since hitting the big time over a year ago will occur on her birthday, when the money will be placed into her account.

Last night, a close friend told the Daily Mail : ‘People have thought of Susan as a millionaire for months already because her album was launched in November but she hasn’t got it yet.

‘Up until now, her management team have made sure she never wanted for anything, but this is her long-awaited payday finally arriving.’

There is much more to come now that SySco, the Simon Cowell owned album company has received all the money it was owed for promotional and recoding expenses.

All royalties are now going to Susan. The album has now sold over 8.5 million worldwide.

Sources close to the singer, who is soon going on a tour of Japan and Australia, have told The Mail on Sunday that one of her first purchases will be a more luxurious house in Blackburn, the West Lothian town where she has lived all her life.

She has no intention of moving to London full time as recently reported.