While taking time out to enjoy Ireland Rihanna has been setting some fashion trends as she walks the streets of Dublin.

The singer is reintroducing the bum bag- or fanny pack as it's known in the US- to the folks in Ireland.

It's not something Irish people were ever proud of wearing but guess what it's making a comeback.

Rihanna, 22, was spotted sporting a Dolce and Gabbana leopard print pouch across her waist on Wednesday making Irish girls think twice about the once forbidden fashion accessory.

Fashion experts are now saying the bum bag is back to stay.

Designers including Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton and Gucci have all included them in their Spring/Summer lines.

But all don't agree; Gaia Geddes, executive fashion and jewellery editor of Harper’s Bazaar, said the bum bags are not for everyone.

She told the Daily Telegraph: 'It’s a fun trend, but I don’t think anyone over 25 will buy into it in a big way!'

Rihanna arrived in Dublin last Saturday, when she performed a sell-out concert to fans in Dublin's O2 Arena as part of her The Last Girl On Earth tour.

And she certainly been making the most of her time in the city, spending several thousand euros of designer gear from upmarket department store Brown Thomas earlier in the week.