Apparently for Sinead O’Connor, nothing compares to hubby Barry Herridge, who O’Connor recently said she would be divorcing after an astoundingly short sixteen day marriage. The Irish singer, however, tweeted today that “We decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend again an stay married.”

O’Connor, who is clearly a fan of Internet shorthand, tweeted more saying, "But we did rush so we gonna return to b friend g friend an be sickenly happy an go counsellin an move in in like a yr like regular people.. but stay married an we all in me all happy!! me love me hubby.. he love me... God is good!"
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Around those tweets, O’Connor made mention of her and Herridge’s night of “a mad love making affair.”

Questionable, sure, but fair play to them both for attempting to salvage an otherwise comical situation.

Herridge is O’Connor’s fourth marriage; the two wed in Las Vegas only a few weeks ago.