Ignoring criticisms over her decision to use surrogate mother for her twins, 'Sex And The City 2' star Sarah Jessica Parker says she is exploring every options to have more children.

The fashion plate star would like to have an even bigger family with Matthew Broderick, with whom she often holidays in County Donegal each summer.

After giving birth to her first child, James Wilkie, 7, she decided to approach a surrogate mother after struggling to have another child. Last summer, the couple welcomed twin daughters Marion and Tabitha.

But the likable star felt she was judged unfairly for doing the non-traditional way of growing her family. Despite the criticisms, Parker says she won’t let the critics sway her decision.

'I don’t know if we’re finished having children,' she told the press. 'I know that we’re lucky that we could afford that particular option, but we encouraged each other to explore all options. I suppose the only courage it takes is to not listen to people who find it objectionable. And there are those,” Parker said.