Soarise Ronan in "The Host"
What could be better than celebrating your 18th birthday with a new poster of yourself launching one of next year’s most anticipated new movies?

Welcome to the charmed world of Irish actress Saoirse Ronan, who’s currently working on The Host, penned by Stephanie Meyer, famous for her Twilight mega-series.  Ronan turned 18 last Thursday, but didn’t have much time for partying seeing that she’s working on the sci-fi flick, due for release next March.

"I'm working.  I'm very happy. We are just on the way into work right now. We are about to start shooting,” she told The Star in Dublin.

Ronan, who also has more than 26,000 followers on Twitter, let her tweeds know that the 12th was a good day.  "U2 rocking' out on the iPod. Hair and make-up truck decorated with balloons and stars -- what a great start to my 18th...Doing what I love!" she posted.  Nice.

The promo poster for The Host was released last week, and Saoirse’s eye is aglow as you can see. She’ll be playing the part of Mel, whose body becomes inhabited by an alien who seeks to control her mind.

Here's the trailer for 'The Host' which is due out next year: