I expect Rob and Kristen to tie the knot by Thanksgiving next year,

I really think the fake wedding on screen in the latest 'Twilight' movie will be repeated in the real world by next Thanksgiving.

Given the incredible success of the movie and the clear chemistry between them it seems inevitable they will tie the knot.

Last night they were pictured very much in love at a concert in England

After all they have been dating long enough that it would hardly be a surprise.

The public has become so accustomed to them as a couple that anything other than a wedding at this point would be seen as very strange.

Sure Rob sowed his wild oats and had fun as a carefree bachelor.

But Kristen has really won his heart and has done so in that quiet understated way of hers.

It is obvious that they are not acting when they embrace and kiss during their wedding scene.

Expect the wedding bells to ring out by this time next year folks.