Robert Pattinson says the presence of adoring fans following his every move during the filming of 'Remember Me' was very tough to handle but he learned a way to do so.

"At the beginning it was just driving me insane,” he told

"Especially because I was playing a character who was lost and just looking for things all the time. You can’t look up because suddenly all the camera shutters accelerate. You can’t smile, you can’t behave normally, and so you have to be more disciplined about it.”

With all the attention paid to his turn as Edward Cullen in the Twilight juggernaut, is he worried about being typecast as the brooding, wounded hero for the rest of his career?

“Maybe I just am brooding and wounded and I’m just realizing it. Nah, I’m not worried. I mean as an actor you take little steps,” he says.

“I’m always quite aware of how people are going to view things. All of the projects I’m doing -- and not in a calculated way -- they are all little baby steps towards other things. The thing I’m doing now is different, but it still has a lot of intensity. I like that in characters.

“I think people do judge things differently after Twilight. They review it differently. There’s nothing you can do about that now. But I do take it into account more.”

In the film Tyler get into scrapes with alarming frequency. A twenty-something who thinks he has the world figured out, he’s an interesting mix of the adorable and the completely insufferable, or a typical twenty-something in other words.

Although the film is set in New York and involves recognizably New York characters, the truth is that all the principal actors are not natives. Brosnan is Irish, Pattinson is English and Emile De Ravin, 28, Pattinson’s love interest, is from Sweden.

“I had a great excuse to bunk off on my accent work because Pierce is Irish and Emile De Ravin is Swedish and I’m a Brit. All the time on set I was speaking a sort of Swedish, Irish American,” says Pattinson.

“But I grew up watching American movies and I learned how to act watching them, and I feel more comfortable speaking in an American accent. It feels more real to me in some ways.”

Did he plan Remember Me as an attempt to break out of the Twilight vampire romance ghetto? After all, he doesn’t have to bite anyone in this film.

“I’ve bit people in this,” Pattinson protests. “It’s different to Twilight, I feel like I’m missing out on something. No, it’s really a relief. I don’t miss having all the makeup on.”