Robert Pattinson thinks appearing in a stage show would be "exhausting" – because of the expectations of his fans.
The 24-year-old actor would love to star in a theatre production in London’s West End, but is worried his ‘Twilight’ fans would come to the shows expecting him to be just like his vampire character Edward Cullen.

Robert said: "I'd really, really love to do a play in London but I'd just be afraid it would turn into an 'N Sync concert. Or people would come along expecting it to be like 'Twilight'.

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"From the little amount of theatre I've done, I know that usually you can feel a push from the audience, who have come along wanting the show to succeed. But when I go to premieres, it's more like the crowd is pulling, really wanting something from you. I always feel completely drained afterwards. It would be very strange and exhausting to have that kind of experience every night on stage."

The screen heartthrob has also wanted to pursue a music career as well as continuing acting, but he admits recently he has lost his creative spark for writing songs.

Robert - who plays guitar and piano and provided vocals on two songs on the 'Twilight' soundtrack, 'Never Think' and 'Let Me Sign' – used to pen lyrics when he was "incredibly depressed", but now he never feels that low.

He told Britain’s Elle magazine: "I have to be incredibly depressed to write songs and I'm not.

"What makes me want to write songs is when I wake up crying. I would have no idea why I was crying but it made me sad for myself."