Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart snuggled up at Coachella
The beloved Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were dressed to impress as they were spotted rocking casual looks at the California music festival Coachella this weekend, and desperately trying to be blend into the crowd.

It seems that the pair finally got away with having a little fun, despite being papped a number of times.  However the usual sight of squealing fans was nowhere to be seen as the pair dressed way down and disappeared in the masses.

Stewart was wearing a Baltimore Oriole’s baseball cap along with a vintage tshirt promoting Edgar Winters and his band, White Trash. On her feet, she donned red Converse sneakers. RPatz was also wearing a baseball cap, sneakers and a tshirt that read “Avalon Swinger.”

Just last week there was speculations that they were under contractual agreements not to appear in public together until the end of the Bella Swan and Edward Cullen romance on “Twilight” but now here they are blending into a crowd of 90,000 festival goers at Coachella.

The only little accessory the undercover “Twilight” duo had that many at the festival coveted were VIP bracelets. Nice!