It seems that over the weekend a line was crossed by the paparazzi when the lives of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were put in danger.

The paparazzi, having seen reports showing the address and photographs of their house, like the Hollywood Live exclusive, chased the couple from the airport, on Saturday, forcing them to seek refuge with the police.

There is admiration and obsession and then there is putting people's lives at risk just to snap an opportune shot of two, obviously, secretive people on their way to their home to have a rest.

I would have thought the case of Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed being run off the road by paparazzi and killed in Paris, in 1997, might have taught those snap happy photographers something.

The Hollywood Life report also showed shots of inside the pair's house in Bel Air. Gossip Cop recently made a good point. If the couple wanted their house to be in the public domain there would be a gorgeous color feature in this month's InStyle or People but there's not.

E! Online and other magazines and webzines reported "It’s literally miles away from civilization – you can’t even see it from the entrance way. It’s officially in the middle of nowhere…One entrance is protected by a huge gate, barbed wire and about 5 security cameras! If they want privacy, they’ll get it – minus helicopters, of course.” Why didn't they just print the address?!
They should have the right to keep the inside of their own house a secret unless they decide otherwise.

I hope that Robert Pattinson's recent experience with the mad paparazzi in L.A. isn't going to turn him off settling in the east coast. A source, apparently a close friend to Pattinson, told Look magazine that he was very much looking forward to it.

They said "I think when Robert really thought about it, he realized that as much as he’d like to live in New York, he doesn’t want to be anywhere without Kristen.”

I hope he can manage to feel safe in his own home after his experience over the weekend.