Queen of day time television, Oprah Winfrey has offered Dutchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, her own talkshow on her new cable television channel.

Oprah's network will launch in six months time and she is scrambling to find original people to host their very own shows.

According to reports in the British papers, Oprah called herself to offer Fergie a show of her own in prime time.

Oprah must have taking a liking to Fergie when she interviewed her on "The Oprah Show" last month.

The scandalized former member of the English royal family was caught on camera trying to sell a man posing as a businessman access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, Duke of York for a $500,000 sum.

Fergie told Oprah straight out that she was having a lot of financial issues and was at her wits end.

"I was not in the right place," she said.

A source close to Fergie told London's Mail on Sunday that "Oprah was impressed by Sarah's ability to face up to her errors and to apologize publicly for them.

"Americans love people who reinvent themselves, and Oprah believes Sarah can do that on the new network.

"Sarah also believes her chances of finding meaningful work in Britain are negligible, and she has always felt more accepted in America."

After hosting an eight-part talk series on British TV in 1998, Ferguson was considered several times for a US talk-show job -- but nothing ever came of it.