Malik wants to get more tattoos
The One Direction star - who has a number of inkings already - wants to complete his look with a complete armful of designs and he admits he is "addicted" to coming up with new ideas for artwork.

He said: "I want to fill my entire right arm up to my elbow to start. I've got loads of ideas. I draw as well.

"I'm more addicted to coming up with the ideas of what I can get tattooed rather than the actual tattoo itself."

Zayn is currently dating Little Mix star Perrie Edwards, and he believes one of the reasons she likes him so much is his image.

He added: "She likes my tats. She likes the whole rock and roll look."

However, tattoos are not the only thing Zayn enjoys - he also loves spending time with his band, who he thinks will be together as long as they have fans.

He said: "We want to stick together as a group for as long as people are supporting us and listening to our music.

"You know, in the future, who knows what's going to happen? Two years ago, if anyone had told me I'd be doing half the stuff I'm doing, I wouldn't have believed it."