‘Oblivion’ star Tom Cruise signs his fans' breasts

The 50-year-old actor appeared on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' on Wednesday to talk about his latest action film 'Oblivion', in which he plays a space veteran called Jack.

However, the conversation took a turn when he was joined by his 'The Only Way Is Kill' co-star Emily Blunt, who let slip an embarrassing demand asked of Tom by his adoring female followers.

When asked by the show's host which body parts Tom has been asked to sign in the past, Emily quipped: "Their boobs!"

Laughing uncontrollably, Tom agreed: "Boobs!"

Before revealing the racy requests Tom is given by his fans, Emily, 30, praised the action star's "passion" during filming and admitted she very much enjoyed shooting the explosive sci-fi feature with him.

After initially joking "he's the worst" person to work with, Emily was quick to state: "He's the greatest. I've never actually met anyone with more enthusiasm and passion."

Leno then brought up Tom's impressive stunts, such as climbing up the side of buildings and speeding on motorcycles, but the hunk admitted his acts didn't always all go to plan.

Referring to a hair-raising motorbike jump in 'Oblivion', Tom said: "I crashed that a couple of times."
Just when he was trying to move on from the topic, Emily chipped in again, revealing: "Actually, what happens is he gets up [from a crash] and he goes, 'I'm good.' And everyone else goes, 'Oh my god!' Everyone freaks out."