Noel Gallagher

The former Oasis rocker wrote some of the group's defining tracks when he was unemployment benefits and admitted the band's fame made him second guess his music.

He said: "All that 'Definitely Maybe', ['(What's the Story) Morning Glory?'], 'Be Here Now' stuff was written while I was still on the dole.

"I had the chords, the arrangements, the melodies, just bits of lyrics to fill in. You start off writing songs, you're not sure who's going to hear them.

"Then when I tried to write the next batch, I was like, 'We've 20 million fans'. Then your records become eagerly anticipated and you start going, 'Umm, I might go to the pub today.' "

The outspoken musician also slated song writers who bare their soul on record, insisting tracks dealing with personal issues don't "mean anything" to anyone else.

He told the Mail on Sunday newspaper's Event magazine: "All the songs I like, they're not written by song writers pulling scabs off themselves.

"I'm not interested in all of John Lennon's stuff about his mother, because it doesn't mean anything to me. How can 'Mother' mean anything to anybody apart from John Lennon?

"It can't, because he's singing it about his mother, not mine. The abusive father I had belongs to me. And I wouldn't want to share any of that or to put it into a song."