One Direction's Niall Horan
Poor Niall Horan! Just when we thought that the lads of One Direction were recognizable the world over, leave it to a London bouncer to burst our bubble.

The Sun reports that Horan, 18 and a native of Mullingar in Ireland, had some convincing to do when he showed up a bit late to pal and bandmate Liam Payne’s birthday party at The Funky Buddha club in London. Not recognizing Horan as a member of One Direction, the bouncer told him to hit the road upon arriving at the star-studded event!

Thankfully, Horan’s security team handled the situation and were able to get Niall into the club to join the party. And clearly Horan hasn’t let the stardom get to his head - he was reportedly able to laugh off the entire matter!

A witness said: “Niall arrived at the club a bit later than the rest and had some difficulty getting in at the beginning, but he took it well and had a laugh about it.”

“The bouncers didn’t seem to recognize him but it was quickly sorted out out and he went in.”

A source close to Niall told the Irish Sun: “Sure who in the world wouldn’t recognise One Direction?!”

Things, not surprisingly, got a bit rowdy inside the 19th birthday party for Liam Payne. Reportedly a food fight broke out, and champagne was sprayed on the revellers!

One Direction was formed in 2010 as part of the UK ‘X Factor’ under the leadership of Simon Cowell. The band has gone on to find massive worldwide success, and is due to release their sophomore album later this year.