Niall Horan
The One Direction hunk has recently been romantically linked to US 'X Factor' judge Demi Lovato and student Amy Greene but he insists he's single and is looking for the right girl.

He said: "I'm definitely single. I'd like a girlfriend. All these things in the papers about me saying I'd rather sleep than find a girl is ridiculous. I was just explaining that on my time off I like to chill.

"I'm not actually looking but if the right person came along, definitely."

Niall admits he has gone out with Demi a couple of times but says there's nothing going on between them and are just friends.

He told Now magazine: "What actually happened was that I always used to say in my interviews that I liked her and she also said that she liked me. We got in contact through twitter and we just started chatting and became friends. Demi's one of the nicest girls I know. She's super-cool. She always texts me to see how I am. Nothing ever really happened.

"When I've been in LA and had a few hours to myself, I've seen her a couple of times. We did go for a bit of dinner after the MTV Video Music Awards."