When asked to compare herself to Scottish reality star turned singer Dame Kiri Te was not too pleased to have to answer it.

Kiri Te is apparently starting up her own version of "Britain's Got Talent" - the show that discovered SuBo.

In an interview on a New Zealand radio station to compare herself to Boyle - who has sold eight million records and has topped the charts globally in just one year.

"Move on. I'm doing something classical, not whizz-bang. Whizz-bang disappears. It goes 'whizz' and then 'bang'. You insult me by even wanting to bring it into this conversation. I'm not interested.

"[My competition] has nothing to do with The X Factor, which I can't bear. It's whipped up for one night and it's over. I feel so sorry and sad for those poor contestants. My show is everything to do with finding a true singer.

"It's a mission because I'm capable of bringing talent forward, which is not being done enough."


Be nice to Subo please.