Colin Farrell filming 'A Winter's Tale in NYC'
If it’s a laugh you’re looking for then go no further than the weekly supermarket rag the National Enquirer, which just dropped a doozy of a story about the alleged Colin Farrell-Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt love triangle which was first floated by Perez Hilton a few weeks ago.

The Enquirer, of course, has taken things many steps further, alleging that poor Brad has turned into a Taco Bell-loving lush because Angie says Colin is better in the sack.

“Brad caught Angie red-handed, admitting that she thinks he’s a so-so lover,” a source told the infamous tabloid. “Ever since then, he’s been on a drunken rampage, consuming copious amounts of his favorite beer and red wine.”

Making matters worse, Brad sought comfort food from a Taco Bell last month in the early morning hours, only to discover the joint was closed.  He then stumbled off into the night, alone. Boo-hoo!

Angelina and Colin starred in the Oliver Stone turkey Alexander a few years ago, but their behind the scenes sexual chemistry is something that Angie just can’t forget according to Perez and, now, the Enquirer.  She confided this fact to none other than her most recent ex-hubby, Billy Bob Thornton.
Brad overhead the conversation, the Enquirer says, and the rest is vintage tabloid trash.

“Brad left their house in Los Angeles one day in January to run errands. But he forgot his wallet and headed back home af­ter only a few minutes,” the trusty source confided.

“As he walked into their bedroom, Brad overheard Angie say that he was a great guy, but Colin was the best lover she’d ever had!

“Then Angie told Billy Bob that her love life with Brad had gone cold, and she missed the wild, passionate sex she’d had with Colin!”

So Brad freaked, and forced Angie to tell all.

“She told Brad that she fell in love with Colin because he was dangerous and spontaneous. She also copped to sending Colin sexy pictures, dirty voice-mails and sexually explicit letters during their fling,” says the Enquirer.

“Angie admitted that she had hoped for a future, including marriage and kids, with Colin, but he wasn’t ready. She couldn’t deny to Brad that he was her second choice!”

There’s more un-reliably sourced gossip, but we’ll stop there. Colin, as you’ll see from our picture, is working away in New York these days, gallantly riding his white horse in New York on the set of his film Winter’s Tale.

Angie and Brad, meanwhile, are hopefully working on their “problems,” including Brad’s passion for Mexican fast food!