Miley Cyrus channeled her inner Britney Spears (circa Spears' just about-to-go-postal era) during her "Dancing With the Stars" elimination show performance last night.

The untameable Cyrus and her equally untamable hair made their first TV performance for her latest single live on "Dancing With The Stars".

Smoke bellowed from both sides of the stage while her entourage of wild animal back-up dancers surrounded her during the three-minute performance.

The image was all Britney, but unlike the former reining pop princess, Cyrus' dancing was kept to a minimum. But the 17-year-old starlet kept her balance while strutting around in those dangerous-looking high heel boots.

After she finished, host Tom Bergeron had a message for previous "Dancing With The Stars" contestant Billy Ray Cyrus: "Billy Ray, your little girl's growing up!" he shouted.

But what did you think of Miley's TV debut of 'Can't Be Tamed'? And her new sexed-ip image? Oh, and what did you think of her wild-man hair?