Mila Kunis
The 'Friends with Benefits' actress – who was born in the Ukraine but moved to the US aged seven - is keen to experience as much of the globe as she can in an bid to improve herself.

She said: "I hope I can improve myself. I love learning. If I could go to school and just take lectures, I would.

"But I love the History Channel and Discovery's Health and Science channels and I love random facts like, where does the phrase, 'Not my cup of tea,' come from? I love to travel but when I travel I want to see everything. I love food, so I want to eat my way around every country. All I want to do is eat and walk around."
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The self-deprecating star also admits she regularly makes mistakes, but always hopes to "learn" from them.

She added in an interview with Stylist magazine: "Lord knows I make mistakes. I make mistakes daily and you can't take them back so the only thing you can do is acknowledge them and learn from them and hopefully not make the same mistake again."