The Wahlberg Brothers
Mark Wahlberg and his brothers are showcasing a new talent besides acting, singing, and dancing: cooking. The trio of brothers opened their new burger joint “Wahlburgers” on Monday night in Hingham, Massachusetts.

Mark (40), his brother Donnie (42) of “New Kids on the Block,” and their older brother Paul (42), have said that “dining in the restaurant will feel just like joining the Wahlberg family for a home-cooked meal,” according to Paul will be the chef, while the two other brothers will mainly be managing the restaurant.

Customers walking in for the first time will be able to enjoy “fresh ground beef burgers made or order, hot dogs, frappes, rock tunes and more!” according to the restaurants official description. And if you’re in too much of a rush to enjoy the hip atmosphere, take out is available.
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The joint, whose logo reads, “burgers, fries, frappes, tunes” boasts a cozy atmosphere with one side filled with old-fashioned booths, and the other side with tables and a sports bar with TV’s. On top of the bar (right next to blown up pictures of the brothers) is a giant green menu listing burgers that promise to be mouthwatering, and even more appealing is if you look straight up onto the ceiling, where the brothers have listed words and phrases to describes themselves and their true home of Southie, Boston.

According to, the new restaurant will seat 120 people is is approximately 4,400 square feet. The entire project cost the family $900,000, and requires the town’s approval of a liquor-license in August. One of the biggest hurdles for the family, according to the website, was acquiring the name. “Wahlburger” had been the name of a burger chain based out of New York with own Tom Wahl, but the brothers did come to some sort of a deal and were able to “secure full spectrum of the name” this past summer.

Expecting his restaurant to be a success, the youngest Wahlberg stated, “We've had requests from people all around the world wanting a Wahlburgers in their hometown, but in the mean time they will make it a point to visit the first one in Hingham when they are in the Boston area.”