The 'Make It Happen' singer backtracked on her comments earlier this week via twitter.

She reached out to Britney Spears and Simon Cowell claiming she loved and cared about them asked the pair not to take her comments seriously.

She said directly to them on the micro-blogging website: "@BritneySpears & @SimonCowell of course I luv+care about you dahhlings, congrats! U never know what's true or gossip,I was joking around!xo,"

The two will appear on the judging panel for the forthcoming season alongside last year's mentor L.A Reid and new addition 19-year-old Demi Lovato.

Mariah was previously linked to becoming a judge on the American version of the talent programme but never reached an agreement.

Speaking to 'Extra' this week, Mariah appeared to have no interest in the new regarding the singin competition.

She told the show's host: "I love [Britney], honestly. I think she's a very nice person, but I don't care who's going on that show - as long as it's not me."