Mariah Carey is famously pet mad. In fact as part of her rider contract she demands her dressing room be filled with puppies as she finds them calming.

Unfortunately it seems that she’s not showing her pups vet enough love. Dr Cindy Bressler, a veterinarian to clients in Manhattan and the Hamptons, Long Island, is suing Carey for not paying up for her pups care.

Allegedly Carey owes the vet nearly $30,000 for services rendered.

Carey’s dog filled menageries includes Cha-Cha, Dolomite and JJ.

Bressler is owed nearly $30,000 for staying in California to help with the birth of Dolomite. Carey only paid $8,231.50 for services performed between October 31 and December 2.

Michael Posner, Bressler’s lawyer is apparently not one to mince his words. He said “Just pay the woman already. This has been going on for six months.”