32-year-old actor Channing Tatum may be creating quite a name for himself in Hollywood, but insists that he is still the same “mad” person he’s always been.

The Belfast Telegraph reports on Tatum’s interview with Italian Vanity Fair. "The madness inside me has not died at all. Ask my wife Jenna [Dewan]. But now it's a sort of responsible madness," he said to Italian Vanity Fair.

"I still do things in front my wife and she screams, 'No, no, please.' For example, when I jump into the pool from the roof of the house.

"But we also do a lot of crazy things together like our adventures day. We just take the car and start going towards a random direction and see what happens."

"I wasn't a difficult teenager. I wanted to do extreme, dangerous, wild, things because I considered them to be simple experiences. And when I'd done enough, I realised that those experiences were not life, but only a part of it," he said.

Currently, Tatum is working on a new film with Jamie Foxx called ‘White House Down.’ Rumors are flying about a followup to his 2012 hit ‘Magic Mike,’ in which Tatum plays an exotic dancer, though nothing has been confirmed yet.