You know it's a slow day in the Twi-niverse when an otherwise listless visit to a low-key California restaurant sets Twilight fans hearts racing.

But the truth is Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart enjoy feeling like regular people, even though they're at the center of a sort of estrogen-powered hurricane, every day of their lives.

Stepping out for dinner at an unnamed venue in Sherman Oaks this week, Newsday reported the scant details.

According to the report local diners Sundy Carter and her daughter Deja (who had probably seen it all before), found themselves seated next to Rob, Kristen and Kristen's mom, Jules Mann-Stewart, and although they were just people in a diner, Deja (a Twi-hard) found her heart exploding.

"Rob, Kristen and her mom were extremely kind and friendly," Sundy said. "They seemed very happy and down to earth. They took photos with my daughter, which was sweet of them."


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The question is how sweet would you still be if you couldn’t eat a french fry without a camera flashing in your direction. No wonder they just want some peace.

Fated to star in the series that some see as the most romantic ever written, and others as a literally brain dead damsel-in-distress tale that's about five centuries out of date, it seems like the star crossed pair will never be allowed to leave the special place they'll always have in their fans hearts. Not even for an instant.