Louis Walsh has said that Irish X-Factor star Mary Byrne will secure a record deal and that she could be the next Susan Boyle.

In a recent tell all interview with “X Magazine” Louis spoke about the Dublin woman's raw talent.

"She can sell an awful lot of records, like Susan Boyle. It's not always about finding a popstar who can be a puppet for somebody. There's enough of those in the charts," he said.

"Mary, I'm in for the long haul. It's all about the songs for me. I spend more time on my songs than all the other judges put together.

"This girl is going to do so well in this competition. She's going to get a record deal, she's going to fulfill all her dreams, and she's great. She's 50, she's got soul, she's Irish. She ticks all the boxes for me. And she can really, really sing,” he added.

Louis admitted that she may not have the same glamor or style factor compared to the other younger competitors but he insisted the only thing Mary needs is her voice.

“She didn't need any of the tricks that the other girls needed. For Mary it wasn't about tricks and make-up and hair and dancers and things. No, just one thing - her voice, “ the X-Factor judge told the magazine.

Mary Byrne became an overnight sensation when she impressed X-Factor judges at the Dublin auditions of the show earlier this year. A single mum from Ballyfermot in Dublin, Mary works as a check-out teller in a local supermarket.

It surely looks like the future is bright for our Mary!