Abigail Breslin
The 15-year-old actress voices a bird character in upcoming animated movie 'Zambezia' and received the whopping fee for the short amount of voiceover work, according to website TMZ.com.

The rate works out to be a staggering $13,000 per hour.

This is not the only big pay day Abigail has received recently; the 'Little Miss Sunshine' star is believed to have signed a one-week contract worth $275,000 in May to appear in 'New Year's Eve'.

The romantic comedy has a glittering cast which also includes Jessica Biel, Ashton Kutcher, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lea Michele among others but one cast member had more of an effect on Abigail than the others.

The young starlet admitted she "cried a little bit" when she met her co-star Zac Efron – who she didn't have any scenes with in the Garry Marshall-directed movie - for the first time.

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Speaking to CNN on Sunday (04.12.11), she said: "I met Zac Efron, and I'm just going to say, I cried a little bit afterwards and beforehand - just a little bit. It was kind of a big deal; it was kind of major … I heard he was in the same building as me, so that's what first brought on the tears. And I think everybody here saw me cry a little bit … I love Zac Efron. I mean, I've seen every 'High School Musical' a million times and every movie he's done."

Abigail joined several of her castmates, including Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer, at the New York premiere of the movie.