Lindsay & Michael Lohan
Michael Lohan is being sued by Celebrity Boxing Federation promoter Damon Feldman for failing to fight in an organised match and will appear on the televised courtroom series on Friday.

In a new promotional clip from the reality TV series, he said: "Actually I didn't intend on being here but I was brought here by Damon Feldman, he is suing me for giving me advances for boxing matches I did and not being able to appear because on one occasion I just had a colon operation and I wasn't able to fight and the other one was I actually got arrested."

Damon claims Lohan owes him $5,000 for failing to show up at several boxing appearances in Florida and California, stemming from their agreement in 2009.

Michael is set to appear on the show, which was filmed in September, alongside his pregnant girlfriend Kate Major, who admitted she is "excited" to appear on the legal series and will act as a witness.
The 52-year-old confirmed he plans to counter sue Damon on the show.

He said: "I'm counter suing Damon because although I didn't want to, I could have brought him to court myself but I didn't, but there were occasions where Damon was supposed to be pay me for different events and payments from pay-per-view and I never got the money.

"I don't have it in writing but he has a verbal agreement with me. I'm still contemplating not suing him, I have filed for it but I believe in God and the bible and the bible says don't sue your brethren so I'm praying on it now and we'll see what happens."