The troubled actress – who is facing trial for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Californian boutique – will become known as just Lindsay, and her mother Dina Lohan also plans to return to her maiden name of Sullivan, as will her other daughter Ali.

Dina revealed to “Lindsay is dropping the Lohan and [is] just going by Lindsay.
“Plus, me and Ali will be officially changing our last names back to my maiden name, Sullivan.”

Lindsay was initially inspired to lose her surname as a result of a $100 million lawsuit she launched against trading company E*Trade last year, which claimed in an advert during the Super Bowl in January 2010 a baby with the same moniker was a “milkaholic."

Another reason is because of her father Michael’s continuing legal problems; he was recently arrested over an alleged domestic violence incident with his on/off partner Kate Major and is taking part in ‘Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab’ for anger management issues.

A family friend added: "So many of the greatest people in showbiz are known by just their first name. Look at Oprah and Beyonce. Now you can add Lindsay to that list.

"And it's a way for them all to start over. No one in the family want anything to do with Lindsay's father anymore and that includes sharing a last name."