Having thought that she could spend up to a month in jail after failing her drug's test Lindsay Lohan was out on bail within 14 hours. She has now checked into a rehabilitation facility.

People.com has reported that though the name of the facility has not been released it is located in Southern California. Lohan has been at the facility since Monday afternoon.

Friends of Lohan have said that she now seems ready to "step up her treatment" and "do more" than previously. Reports have said that she has been spotted reading a self-help book called "Dr. Mathew Edlund's The Power of Rest: Why Sleep Alone is Not Enough."

RadarOnline spoke to Edlund who said "Lindsay has enormous performance pressure and that on top of alcohol and drugs causes her to have an inability to rest."

This is Lohan's sixth attempt to deal with her personal issues.

She will have a probationary hearing in October. If she does not receive a custodial sentence she will begin filming "Inferno". Rumors on when this could take place are mixed some reports are saying that filming could take place as soon as November while TMZ.com have said that the filming has changed location, from Louisana to L.A. and that filming will start in January.