Lindsay Lohan
No charges will be brought against the actress and her assistant Gavin Doyle after prosecutors decided there wasn’t enough evidence to tie them to the incident on August 18 when valuable items including car keys, cash, sunglasses and a credit card holder were taken from her friend Sam Magid’s Hollywood Hills mansion.

A prosecutor wrote in a charge evaluation form: "We do not have sufficient evidence to prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt.

"One of the suspects makes a vague admission that he and the others were there, and that 'someone' took something but is not more specific than that. The fact that our suspects are found in a car that is similar to the one seen at the time of the burglary adds little to the case.”

Mr.  Magid, also retracted his initial report that items were stolen which complicated attempts to prosecute.

The prosecutor continued: “In addition to these evidentiary insufficiencies, the [victims] do not wish to pursue the prosecution of this matter."

Lindsay’s spokesman Steve Honig said in a statement: "Lindsay is glad this matter has been cleared up so she 
can focus on her upcoming projects.”