Don't for a second believe Lindsay Lohan is out for the count. Sure she's had a month from hell but if there's one thing we've learned about LiLo it's this: she always bounces back.

Yesterday she was back in force with her younger sister Ali creating a custom milkshake to auction off for charity at the Millions of Milkshakes event in Los Angeles yesterday.

They were clearly having fun despite all the bad news. Last week the star was fired from her latest movie because, according to TMZ, she is not 'bankable.' But Lindsay took it on the chin.

The troubled star got fired from the film 'The Other Side,' which tells the story of a grad student working on a desert island. TMZ reported that the writer and director of the movie said they decided to move on on from Lindsay and her replacement will be announced pretty soon. Some sources told the site that the people financing the film were very nervous about working with the actress.

But that's not all. Michael Lohan, Lindsay's father, wants to meet his older daughter’s lawyers to talk getting a conservatorship. He wants, he says, to take charge of her affairs and redirect her life.

The last thing Michael Lohan Tweeted was that Lindsay is HIV positive and had an affair with Tommy Mottola when she was 17. After these allegations, he told the press his Twitter account was hacked. Either way, his eldest daughter wants nothing to do with him. The 23 year-old recently told Gossip Cop he only wants money and is using her, her sister and her mom.