Liam Neeson
On celebrating his 60th birthday party at the Waverly Inn last week, Liam Neeson decided to use the women’s bathroom, as the line for the line for the men’s was too long he claimed. Something that very seldom happens. According to the New York Post:

"His visit gave some female diners a very pleasant surprise. “You’ll never guess who’s in the ladies room”, a woman standing on line excitedly whispered to another, sharing that it was indeed Neeson.

When he finally emerged, he was as pleasant as ever, apologizing to the line of women waiting: “I’m so sorry. Please excuse me.” He even held the door open for the first lady to walk in, witnesses said. “You can use my bathroom anytime”, one guest was overheard telling the tall, handsome actor."

Neeson went on to continue his birthday dinner at the posh spot with 40 guests.

If it was any other man who had jumped a line of desperate to pee ladies, he would have got a handbag or a heel in the you know what.