Liam Neeson is expected to play President Lyndon Baines Johnson in a new movie based on the experience of a black butler in the White House.

Director Lee Daniels is casting his film 'The Butler,' the story of Eugene Allen, a servant who served through eight White House presidents including LBJ. according to

Daniels, who is African American, directed Academy Awards winning movie 'Monsters Ball' and also last year's hit 'Precious.'

Allen survived to cast a vote for Barack Obama and saw him elected president.

Allen began working in the White House in 1952 under President Truman and remained there until Ronald Reagan.

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In addition to Neeson as LBJ, John Cusack, Mila Kunis and Oprah Winfrey are also being pursued for major roles.

Winfrey will be sought for the role of Allen's wife.

Cusack is down to play Richard Nixon while David Oyelowo is seen as the most likely actor to play Allen.

The LBJ era is heavily featured as it was the time when the civil rights legislation came into law and its dramatic effect on blacks, including the working in the White House became clear.

Ironically, Neeson had been considered for the role of Abraham Lincoln in a new Steven Spielberg film but that role has since been taken by Daniel Day Lewis, a fellow Irish citizen.

Neeson had also wanted to work with Daniels on a previous film where he would have also played LBJ. He was wanted for the role in Daniels' now dead project 'Selma,' so this just makes sense. Hopefully we'll hear official word on casting for 'The Butler' sooner than later.