When it comes to Halloween Lady Gaga takes the cake-- in this case a wedding cake.

So Is Lady Gaga thinking of tying the knot?

Not really but it sure looks like she is out to celebrate Halloween

A café in Dublin was asked to bake a wedding cake for Lady Gaga during her concert tour in Dublin this week.

The Pepperpot Cafe hand delivered the cake to the star's hotel room at the Four Seasons.

The cake was described as two tier, covered in white icing, black lace and splattered in red icing to imitate blood, (see picture).

So it was just a Halloween cake.

Another clue, the cake only had a bride figurine with no groom although Gaga's boyfriend is on tour with her.

Given that Gaga meat costumes are the best selling Halloween gig this year maybe Gaga cakes will start selling like --well hot cakes.

Happy Halloween Gaga