What? You’re shocked? Really, she doesn’t have anywhere else to go with her shock tactic performance art lifestyle.

This Wednesday the September edition will hit the newsstands with our very own Gaga lady in the buff on the front cover. In the photo shoot Gaga is wearing nothing but a long gray-haired wig and a diamond necklace.

The text on the cover reads “Naked came the world's #1 pop star. Who is she? Why is she? Should you worry?”

In the article Gaga opens up about some of her past discretions, such as flipping the bird at Citi Field stadium and getting smashed drunk at Yankee Stadium.

She said “I want to go to things like ballgames, but when I go to the ballgame, they're going to write the story that will sell papers…Look, I'm not an idiot — I recognize that I'm a public figure and I'm going to be recognized if I'm wearing a bikini or a potato sack."

"Of course I got drunk at Yankee Stadium.” She said She let out her "true New York 24-year-old Italian girl" and "slutty Italian girl".

She seems pretty confident that her fans will stick by her fans. In Vanity Fair she said “My real fans know who I truly am…and they know what I represent and what I mean, and my music and my performance is what really speaks."