Kristen Stewart
Fame just isn't what it used to be, just ask Twilight heroine Kristen Stewart. Once upon a time being a star meant jewels, jets and high jinks. But these days its TMZ and embarrassing sex tapes and Kim Kardashian. It kind of sucks now, in other words, and no one knows that better than the Emo queen Stewart.

Having grown increasingly disenchanted with the price of fame Stewart is reportedly considering giving up Hollywood to take up novel writing instead.

Twilight can't last for ever and the savvy young actress is said to be working on her second act, which may involve becoming a writer ilk her mother.
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According to a report in, Stewart got cracking on her first novel while filming the Snow White and the Huntsman.

'She has been working on her novel while filming and has almost finished it,' a source told the gossip site.

Being one of the most talked about people on the planet already, she probably won'
t have much trouble finding a publisher.

Says the source: 'She's desperate to be a published writer in her own right.'

It remains to be seen what kind of writer she wants to be. We hope she'll resist the temptation to write a memoir of her life in film with Rpatz or a book of poems, and instead pursue that novel she's angling after.