Kristen Stewart and her mother Jules
The 'Twilight' star moved out of the Los Angeles house she shared with former boyfriend and co-star Robert Pattinson in the wake of her affair with 'Snow White and the Huntsman' director Rupert Sanders, but is said to be moving on with her life with the fabulous five bedroom home on Malibu beach, California.

The three storey, 5,800-square-foot property is surrounded by thick landscaping and features an oval-shaped guest house.

An online listing of the home describe it as a "radically modern glass and steel" structure with hardwood floors, frosted glass accents and minty green accent walls.

According to website, the house was actually purchased in her mother, Jules Mann Stewart's name, although Kristen is thought to be living with her and contributing substantially to its cost.
Jules is moving out as she is also going through a breakup, as she filed for divorce from Kristen's father, John Stewart, on August 17. They had been married for 27 years.

Meanwhile fans were out in force to support Kristen at the premiere of 'On The Road' at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada. Many held placards offering support during the difficult time in her life, reading "Talent, Beauty, Strength and Courage - We stand by Kristen always," and "We are always with you Kristen Stewart."

Speaking at the premiere, she told MTV News: "Dude, I'm really happy that they're here for 'On the Road'.
"I think most of them were fans before I had anything to do with 'Twilight', which is why they're here anyways, so it's awesome."