Katy Perry and One Direction
Katy Perry, whose concert movie 'Part of Me' hit theaters this weekend, called One Direction "cute boys" after the boy band praised her film on Twitter.

"Saw the katy perry movie earlier. Wow, what an amazing woman. True talent! (sic)" the group posted following screening, according to RTE.

Katy responded: "They went and just saw the movie and tweeted some really nice things about it. They are very cute boys but very illegal for me."

Katy Perry has previously spoken out about her admiration for the boy band (particularly Niall Horan).

"They've been so sweet to me every time I meet them, they're like the biggest thing in the world right now. I'm thrilled for the success they're enjoying and love hanging out with them - [Niall Horan] is just lovely," she said.