Kate Beckingsdale

Viewers expecting a steamy romp between Kate Beckinsale and on-screen husband Colin Farrell may be disappointed with the remake of 1990’s “Total Recall”.

“It wasn’t a sex scene,” Beckinsale said in an interview with Empire magazine. “It was more of a frisky hug.”

In an interview with Ellen Degeneres on Ellen, Beckinsale described the same scene as “sort of kissing in the bed with underpants.”

Len Wiseman, Beckinsale’s real-life husband, directs the film, and the unexpectedly tame scene in question.

Beckinsale downplayed the awkwardness of filming a sex scene with another man in front of her husband - at least, the awkwardness for her. Any discomfort belonged to the men, she joked.

"It's always more awkward for the other person, I think. I've got no movable parts, so I can be inscrutable," she said.

Unlike her, Farrell had to worry about Wiseman firing him if he fondled her poorly, Beckinsale quipped to Women’s Health UK, according to the Daily Mail.

Though the Irish star hasn’t yet commented on the love scene with Beckinsale, Farrell said he was originally “terrified” to star in the film, but “it's that fear around it that makes it attractive,” IrishCentral previously reported.

Farrell plays Doug Quaid, a factory worker experiencing troubling, violent dreams, in a role originally embodied by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Beckinsale thinks Farrell is “lovely,” she told Women’s Health UK. “He's such a good actor, really professional and a brilliant dad,” Beckinsale said, according to the Daily Mail. “There's nothing bad you can say about Colin - and he's funny as well. I hate him!" she added.

Video of Beckinsale’s interview with Ellen: