Will Ferrell made reference to Justin Bieber in a recent interview and the young star is currently, and I quote, “bugged out” by the very fact that one of his heroes knows he exists.

Ferrell was on Jimmy Kimmel Live when he whipped out a photo of Bieber and himself at the MegaMind premiere. He joked “Me and J-Biebs!...He's very popular, as I found out when I was doing the red carpet. There was a throng of photographers and all of a sudden every lens turned towards Justin Bieber.

"It goes from, 'Will, Will, Will! Photo! Look here!' to 'JUSTIN, JUSTIN, JUSTIN! Just look at me!' I'm just standing there like, 'I'm actually in the movie... he's not!"

Bieber wrote on his Twitter account "Will Ferrell is that dude!! still bugged out that he knows who i am. Ive been a fan forever (sic)."

"Dude is the best. Step Brothers is my movie... just wild…Check for MegaMind his new Movie. Will Ferrell for El Presidente."

Ferrell, I think you might have an admirer.