Robert Pattinson and Julliette Binoche

Oscar-winning French actress Juliette Binoche recently talked about her experience filming a sex scene in a limo with the 'Twilight' star in the upcoming 'Cosmopolis.' The experience wasn't as hot as RPatz fans might expect.

"I make love in the limo! Belonging to Robert Pattinson," Binoche recalled, according to

"[A] fabulously wealthy man who wants it all and loses it all! It sounds like Cronenberg, doesn't it? Director of photography, Peter Suschitzky, lights up each shot like a painting. Robert and I were alone in the car with a camera and a microphone, and we could hear David's voice coming from a distance: we would redo a take, then another one, etc. There was something clinical about it..."

Binoche plays an art saleswoman in the David Cronenberg thriller, which is scheduled for release later this year.