Still from the video of the Jason Mattera interview
The conservative reporter Jason Mattera has been forced to pull an online video of an interview with a Bono impersonator.

Mattera is seen on the video conducting an ambush interview with the man who appears to be a Bono impersonator.

The clip was posted at conservative sites such as and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze but was pulled after it became obvious that Mattera was not actually talking to the U2 frontman.

Rolling Stone reports that self-proclaimed bad boy reporter Mattera is currently promoting his new book ‘Hollywood Hypocrites’.
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In the video he confronts the Bono impersonator about his band allegedly dodging taxes on their royalties.
The impersonator then answers Mattera by explaining: “It’s “not my company. I have no say in what U2 does.”

The Rolling Stone report adds: “Which is true, of course, since he’s not Bono!

“Though it’s obvious that the Bono impersonator was having a bit of fun with Mattera, it’s not clear exactly what this guy was doing at an event dressed up as the U2 star.”