Liam Cunningham star of "Game of Thrones"
Irish actor Liam Cunningham is set to make his debut in the upcoming and much anticipated second season of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones.’ Taking on the role of The Onion Knight Ser Davos Seaworth, Cunningham undergoes portrayals of violence and sexuality in the new season.

On finding out that he was cast for the new season, Cunningham said in an interview with Digital Spy that he felt “Extraordinary!” He noted how he’s “a big fan” and that he watched the debut season on DVD over just two days.

Clearly, ‘Game of Thrones’ is able to effectively lure in the audience. For that, Cunningham has great respect for the writers of the show, who met in Dublin while studying Irish Literature at Trinity. “They don't patronise, they're not shovelling out lowest common denominator, keep-your-retina busy stuff. It's an incredible show for an intelligent audience and it rewards that.”

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----------------- ‘Game of  Thrones,’ safely hid away from network channels on subscription HBO, is known for its explicit details and situations. “Some of the violence in it is jaw-dropping, some of the sex is extraordinary,” said Cunningham.

“But HBO, as I've said, make some of the best television that has ever been made and this is something that people have never seen before and I think it makes good television. It's challenging, it's wonderful, it's complicated,” said Cunningham.

‘Game of Thrones’ newest season debuts on HBO on April 1.

 Here’s the trailer for the second season: 

And here’s a video from Digital Spy with the actors from ‘Game of Thrones: