Simon Cowell may have broken up with fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy according to British media reports.

Cowell attended the glamorous Ascot racing festival this week without his fiancee-- amid a strange statement from his own publicist casting doubt on whether they were even engaged.

Cowell's press spokesman Max Clifford told the Daily Mail : 'All I can tell you is that Mishy and Simon are as close as they have ever been. They are together.'

Then he added, mysteriously: 'As far as an engagement goes, I can't confirm anything.'

Friends say the relationship has cooled.

'I am loathe to comment, I'm too fond of Simon,' says an old friend of his, when asked whether the rumours that they have split up are true. That is very far from being a denial.

'The relationship was red hot, and now it's only warm,' said another source.

" I do not believe that they are in any way planning a wedding. They may still be together in two years' time, maybe even in three. But if I was to take a bet I would be happy to put money on it that they will not be married. It's not part of the plan - and I've never been convinced that it ever really was.'